MarineShaft would like to introduce you to one of its youngest employees.

At MarineShaft, where the repair techniques are passed along from older engineers to younger (learning by doing), we keep a focus on education and taking in apprentices to get new “horsepower.”

I want to tell you about Jon Poulsen, who just completed his apprenticeship at MarineShaft as an industrial service engineer with top grades.

The Danish Maritime magazine “Søfart” has a focus on the “blue Denmark” and with the purpose to attract the young generation to this line of profession.  They interviewed Jon to ask him about his experiences as an apprentice.

We hope Jon stays with MarineShaft for many years to come.

The tiller in the picture with Jon belongs to MSC Michaela – a repair discussed in a previous article we shared in May.

Last year I wrote about our oldest employee – our engineer Hans Ove Konnerup, who is now 86. Please visit our LinkedIn page to view this.

In a separate development, the extension of our 1600 m2 workshop has begun.

We are extending our workshop with 60 meters (almost 1400 m2), and we expect to complete the extension this fall. We will install a new 27-meter long lathe and need more space to serve our many customers worldwide.

Besides the workshop at Silvervej, we also have workshops at Pier II and Jens Munksvej in Hirtshals.