MarineShaft is sharing its latest two repair cases with you, where we used our welding techniques: laser cladding and micro welding.

Repair of thruster seal flange by laser cladding

We used our laser cladding equipment for the repair and rebuilding of nine thruster
seal flanges.

Laser cladding leaves minimal heat input and requires no post-weld heat treatment. The material applied melts into the base material.

After laser cladding, we re-machined the welded area to its original size.

A unique technique to restore and prolong the life circle of a product.

Micro welding of scratches inside a rudder blade cone

Who’s inside the cockpit? Our welding specialist Johnny is inside this rudder blade, carrying out micro welding of scratches inside the rudder blade cone.

With low punctual micro welding, we can repair scratches.

Our equipment is portable, and we can carry out micro welding onsite, inside, with a narrow working space.

Using micro welding a final machining is not required. A regular hand polish will do the job. Our micro welding technique is, of course, class-approved

Real People proud to deliver best-in-class repairs

No success without skilled and committed employees.

Let us introduce you to one of our specialists:

Meet Jesper, one of our service engineers. Jesper has been with MarineShaft since 2012. He works as an engineer both in our workshop and onsite, and he is a specialist in cold straightening of shafts

When asking Jesper if he could point out what he appreciates the most in his job, he answered: “I appreciate that my job gives me plenty of various tasks. I get to use all my technical skills -both when working on projects in the workshop and onsite. I love a challenge and an example could be when I am appointed supervisor for a project onsite”