Panolin industries

PANOLIN’s long-life, well-established, environmentally considerate lubricants have been engineered for the demanding industrial, automotive, railway, marine, offshore and dockside equipment environments and exceed all requirements in performance. In addition to the marine and land ecology benefits, PANOLIN products reduce CO2 emissions, by offering the potential of much better equipment efficiency through lower friction and greatly reducing the need to dispose of used lubricant (the conservation of resources through longer oil change intervals and the use of renewable resources).

For many years, PANOLIN ECLs have been applied in hydraulics and component lubrication systems for land-based construction and railway equipment, in vessel propulsion / steering / stability and deck equipment systems, hydro and wave power, dredging, offshore platforms and subsea ROV / trenching equipment; not only for their outstanding resistance to thermal oxidation (anti-ageing), stability at elevated temperatures, shear stability, wear protection and long life between refills, but also for their environmental benefits in land and sea areas of great ecological sensitivity.

Accreditations from Euromargerite (European Ecolabel), Harmonised Offshore Chemical Notification Format (HOCNF) labels, Blue Angel and Swedish Standard, bear testimony to the stringent targets for biodegradability, toxicity and bioaccumulation and leaving no slick, met by PANOLIN ECLs.

The company’s high-performance saturated ester technology product range covers five types of environmentally ‘acceptable’ lubricants: hydraulic fluids for propulsion systems, deck equipment and control lines, gear oils for gearboxes and thrusters, stern tube lubricant, wire rope lubricant and greases for enclosed, exposed and subsea applications.

With significant structures hydraulic fluid powered by PANOLIN such as the Panama Canal Expansion new Lock Gates water control system, the London Eye, Niagara Falls Welland Canal locks, Saemangeum (an estuarine tidal flat on the coast of the Yellow Sea in the west of South Korea – the longest in the world) and Sihwa Lake Tidal Power Station (the world’s largest tidal power installation, also in South Korea), the operational performance and long life, providing reduced through-life-costs and the ecological benefits of PANOLIN lubricants, are specifically why PANOLIN was chosen.

PANOLIN has a unique technology, using different saturated synthetic esters and specially selected additives to produce lubricants of outstanding performance and value for money.