Panolin’s Stella Maris stern tube lubricant is based on 100% saturated synthetic ester technology with the most effective performance enhancing additives.

This fully synthetic ISO VG 68, 100, 150 and 220 Stella Maris stern tube lubricant provides biodegradability and superior lubricity to protect metal surfaces, while complying with new 2013 VGP EAL requirements.

Stella Maris is not an emulsifying lubricant as it readily separates from water. Stella Maris entraps the water and still adheres to the metal surface for lubricity advantages; the water will be released and can be separated in the header tank.

In a stern tube, if water cannot be separated from the lubricant and the lubricating oil emulsifies, owners are forced to deal with system sludge. The heat of a stern tube will also speed up this process. Emulsifying lubricating oil in an application where water and heat are major factors is not a recipe for a long-life lubricant. That’s why Stella Maris offers a variety of benefits.

One of the main products in Panolin’s GreenMarine line, Stella Maris stern tube lubricant is environmentally considerate, biodegradable and minimally toxic to marine life. It presents no bio-accumulation and leaves no sheen and slick. In addition, it reduces CO2 emissions by increasing equipment efficiency and conserving resources through longer oil change intervals.

Available in 68, 100, 150 and 220 grades, the Stella Maris stern tube lubricant offers protection against lacquer formation, due to its outstanding thermal oxidation stability. It delivers a clear advantage compared with mineral-based oils thanks to its very-high viscosity index. The viscosity remains higher than that of a mineral oil when the system temperature fluctuates. The shear stability will not change the viscosity either, even under very-high load and shear stress. A low pour point makes it good for cold start-ups.