ProfiSeal Dripless Shaft Seal–Long-Term Test - Ship Technology
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ProfiSeal Dripless Shaft Seal–Long-Term Test

Pitufa’s previous owner was German, so she came with many gadgets that were developed in the country. One of those is the ProfiSeal shaft seal, which is based on the design of dripless face seals.

The compact seal features a solid metal housing that is flange-mounted to the stern tube. Inside the housing, a rotary unit (fixed to the shaft) comprises a large stainless-steel spring and a graphite ring, which is pressed against the forward end of the housing that accommodates the stainless-steel ring. It also has a hose barb for the intake of cooling water.

The ProfiSeal has kept the Pitufa dry for 23 years and has withstood constant galvanic attacks from a nearby neighbourhood. The crew has only changed the rotating unit and the stainless-steel counter ring during shaft repairs six years ago.

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