A new video from Wheelabrator presents the team and the operations of the Wheelabrator Technology Centre, Metelen, in Germany.

Watch the video below, to discover more about the engineering expertise, the diverse applications, and how the team works with customers in partnership to deliver world-leading surface preparation and shot peening solutions and services around the globe.

In 2004, the Wheelabrator Group defined its operations to focus on the capabilities of each of its locations. The technology centres are the home of application engineering within the group. Metelen specialises in both air and wheel blast solutions, and shot peening.

Key industries served include automotive, medical, shipyard and energy sectors.

Watch the video to find out more.

Background information

Heinrich Schlick started in the 1930s as a producer of motorcycles, the company expanded into surface preparation in the 1940s and has never looked back. By the 1970s Schlick had developed a reputation as the primary source for specialised shot blast solutions. (Wheelabrator bought Schlick in 1997). Continually developing new ideas, the engineers are second-to-none in the industry and love to take on new application challenges.

Innovation in the Wheelabrator Technology Centre in Metelen does not only serve new, complex applications. The team has worked hard to take the best processes and technologies to develop a standard range of entry level machines, so even companies with low budgets and basic requirements can benefit from the high efficiency and performance synonymous with a Wheelabrator machine.

Efficiency is of optimum importance to our customers and to Wheelabrator, and with this in mind, the Metelen-based airblast team developed the Module8 concept. New machines are developed and engineered from pre-engineered "building blocks". This saves a great amount of engineering and building time, and spare parts are always kept in stock, all of which mean great cost savings for the customer. It also means that the machines are flexible, it’s very easy to add new "building blocks" to change the machine if your application changes.