Bluetech Finland

Bluetech Finland is an engineering company designing ships and coastal buildings for the marine industry.

Cargo ship design and optimisation

The company’s ship designs offer the highest fuel efficiency and optimised cargo volume capacity, providing shipowners vessels with the industry’s best earning potential.

Bluetech Finland’s designs are based on the latest hydrodynamic research, and use up-to-date computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools combined with extensive model testing.

Bluetech Finland designs coastal buildings and ships.
The company's ship designs provide low fuel consumption with optimal cargo capacity.
Ships are designed using the latest hydrodynamic research, using up-to-date computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools combined with extensive model testing.
Bluetech offers engineering services for fixed or floating coastal structures.
The company supplies mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) designs that comply with international green building codes.

The company designs ship hulls with a high block co-efficient, providing more deadweight and cargo volume. It optimises aft and bow lines to deliver lower resistance across the whole speed range and a higher propulsion efficiency.

Bluetech Finland aims to maximise the size of cargo holds to increase earning capacity.

The company optimises loading cases and structural arrangements to provide a lower steel weight, which reduces costs but delivers a higher payload.

Bulk carrier designs

The company’s current standard designs include three different handy or handymax bulk carriers, namely the Bluetech 41, Bluetech 42 and Bluetech 45. Six pieces of Bluetech 42 bulkers are currently under construction.

Bluetech Finland is constantly developing new standard ship designs, which can be customised to specific requirements.

Engineering services for ships and coastal buildings

The company’s engineering services combine experience in ship design with land-based building codes.

Bluetech Finland designs ships and various ship systems, as well as hotels, homes and marinas that can float or be lifted using piles.

Bluetech Finland’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) design also follows international green building codes, ensuring long-term sustainability, filling a growing market demand and providing substantial energy cost savings.

The company uses state-of-the-art design tools, such as Nupas Cadmatic for steel structures, and MagiCad or Cadmatic for piping and air-conditioning. It also uses FEMAP for fe-analysis, Rhino for visualisations, and Autocad for 2D design.

About Bluetech Finland

Bluetech Finland’s employees include naval architects, marine engineers and specialists. The company’s maritime engineering services combine the skills of experienced shipbuilders with newcomers, bringing fresh ideas to the industry.

Together with its partners, the company has around 50 skilled engineers at its disposal. It aims to develop the world’s most cost-efficient cargo vessels and use its design knowledge for associated marine engineering projects.