Hugo Miebach, the global market leader in coil joining welding technology, has ordered EFD Induction equipment to integrate into three types of its laser welding systems. The EFD Induction equipment comprises Sinac induction heaters to pre-heat and anneal the weld zones.

“Welding coils into continuous strips is a high-throughput, high-volume process,” says Karl Kaltenbach of EFD Induction, Germany. “This means that the heat sources for pre and post-heating have to be ultra-reliable, as any unplanned downtime immediately translates into significant lost production. So it’s a real stamp of approval for our Sinacs that they have been chosen by Miebach.”

The EFD Induction Sinac heat sources are to be integrated into Miebach’s CSL, CSLH and HSL ranges of laser welders. The machines will weld a variety of materials, including tin, low-carbon steel, electrical steel and all sorts of structural steel. The coils to be welded together vary in thickness up to a maximum of 6.5mm, and the induction heaters have to heat the weld zones to approximately 750°C-800°C (1,380°F – 1,470°F).

“The heating tolerances are rather narrow,” explains Kaltenbach. “But the ability to deliver precise temperatures and heating patterns are features that characterize induction. And of course, induction is a versatile process that can be adapted to suit virtually any electrically conductive material, so it’s ideal for coil-to-coil welding.”