Fleur-di-lis Holdings provides a number of services in the ship industry. We can provide pilotage and ship handling techniques, port design and development, FPSO activities, academic research, and training. We have developed and have access to expertise in a number of fields, which include bulk liquid, marine, vessel vetting and asset integrity.

Ship industry training programmes

Fleur-di-lis Holdings has worked on a range of training programmes. We have trained personnel from the RAN and RNZS in ship handling and ship stability, pilots from the Port of Bintulu, the Port of Doha, as well as pilotage authorities of Benete Bay, Balik Pappan and Kota Bahru in Indonesia.

We have also undertaken lectures for shipmasters in the ship handling component of the STCW revalidation course. We have participated in studies conducted by port authorities in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Indonesia on ship handling techniques for new port developments.

Other training has included ship master candidates in the theory and practice of ship handling, ship handling training for prospective shipmasters from BHP Shipping and Sydney Ferries masters in vessel handling.

Lady Jane.
Ngujima Yin Bridge.
Simulated Port of Doha.
Tug and ship.
Two oil rigs.

Ship handling consultant

Two of our bigger consultancy projects have included work as a ship handling consultant for the Malaysian ports of Bintulu and Labuan. Work included:

  • Evaluation of entrance channels
  • Width of channel
  • Placement of buoys
  • Direction of channels
  • Evaluation of port design
  • Direction of berth lines and area of operation in the vicinity of the berths
  • Impact of vessel movements both single and multiple movements on port
  • Infrastructure emergency response
  • Direction and length of breakwater
  • Impact of environment on the harbour for each proposed model

New jetties consultant

Fleur-di-lis Holdings worked as a consultant for new jetties for the Port of Sandakan. Some of the work included determining position placement of jetties and direction of each jetty, as well as the operating area required for optimum port operations. We also looked into the impact of the environment on vessels berthing and un-berthing at each berth, as well as tug-assisted dumb barges berthing and un-berthing at each berth.

Ore jetty and timber jetty consultancy

Fleur-di-lis Holdings has worked as a consultant for a new timber jetty in Melville Island and for a new ore jetty for Port Hedland. Work that we engaged on both projects included the direction of jetty, dredging the area of approach, the placement of buoys and the impact of the environment on vessels berthing and un-berthing at each berth.

Ship industry consultancy

Fleur-di-lis Holdings has provided work as a consultant for a number of projects that have included ship handling for the Indonesian ports of Kota Bahru, Benete Bay and Balik Pappan AMC Search Ltd for many ports in Australia and New Zealand in ship-handling and pilotage operations, and ship handling consultancy work for RAN and RNZN advanced navigation courses