LED lights allow ship operators to monitor tank levels in low lighting and poor visibility conditions when other units would be covered up.

No need to double up and purchase additional transmitters to bolt onto your visual indicator. LED SureSite® is both a continuous level indicator and a transmitter in one product.

Our bright LED lights make it easy to view your LED SureSite from virtually all vantage points.

If you already have a traditional flag type SureSite, you can update to the new LED version.

LED SureSite is built to withstand constant vibration and shock while operating, putting your mind at ease. Every unit can withstand freezing temperatures, rainstorms, and wash down.

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Advantages of the LED SureSite include:

  • Bright LED illuminated level sensor
  • Continuous Level transmitter and visual indicator
  • 270° viewing range
  • Upgrade kits available for existing mini SureSites
  • Built to withstand the most difficult environments