Hydrogen presents us with a further challenge. Due to its small size hydrogen easily enters metal. When it reaches a crack it lowers the energy needed to make it larger, causing the crack to grow. This is called hydrogen embrittlement. But what does this mean when dealing with hydrogen?

For hydrogen valves, stainless steel is the material of choice. To prevent hydrogen embrittlement-related failures its resistance to hydrogen can be further improved by increasing nickel content. This stabilises the structure of the steel. Curious about hydrogen embrittlement? Also, watch our short information video (external link to YouTube).

HEROSE ensures that the cast bodies of our hydrogen shut-off valves, filters and check valves contain a high amount of nickel. You can find all the information and products here or if you have some further questions then take the chance and meet our experts at one of our fairs. How about the Hysky conference in Paris or the Hydrogen Technology Expo in Bremen? Find all our fair dates here.

Discover our new product highlights with high nickel content cast bodies for types 01272, 01741, 01743, 01745, 01751, 01753, 01755, 05714, and 05717.