As most of the applications use wet ammonia, stainless steel valves are often the first choice as stainless ferritic and austenitic steels are not attacked by gaseous and wet ammonia. The only exceptions are gas mixtures of ammonia and carbon dioxide at temperatures between +200°C and +300°C as they are leading to severe corrosion. Furthermore, at the slightest trace of moisture in combination with ammonia copper and copper alloys react corrosively. Therefore, copper tends to be avoided in ammonia installations.

The HEROSE full stainless steel valves are perfectly suitable for wet ammonia applications. HEROSE bronze and brass valves are suitable for absolutely dry ammonia.

We even offer ammonia upgrade kits for existing systems, so that the already installed valves can continue to be used without any welding work.

Do you already know our webinar on ammonia as a marine fuel? Have a look here (external link to our HEROSE YouTube channel).

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