o-ringGermany-based valve specialist HEROSE is pleased to announce the addition of the ‘O-ring’ variant to its 0685X and 0681X series range of safety valve solutions.

Compared to the previous soft sealing plate and the metal sealing variant, the new O-ring seal offers improved tightness until the valve opens.

The O-ring is available in viton (FKM) and nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR), making it cheaper than vespel sealing plates.

The seal is available for valves with orifice sizes from 10mm-18mm. The seat tightness is defined in accordance with API 527.

Safety valves of types 06850 / 06855 and 06810 / 06815 with soft sealing O-ring offer zero bubble tightness with a reproducibility of up to 20 reaction cycles.

A default value of 10-3mbar l/s is guaranteed for external tightness. The O-ring seal can be used for pressures of between 3bar and 250bar.

The temperature limits depend on the medium and operating conditions. Our technical office is able to test resistance under specific operating conditions.

HDSV product groups 06850 / 06855 and 06810 / 06815

These groups consist of valves with compact dimensions to safeguard against excess pressure and to divert small and medium mass flows of up to 17,000m3/h (air).

Thanks to a wide selection of thread and flange connections, as well as various seat diameters, seal types and connection diameters, these can be used extremely flexibly.

Please contact HEROSE via the enquiries form on this page for more information.