Tight global economics, rising fuel costs and strict emission laws reduce profit in marine industry.

The retrofit required for running with low sulfur fuel is extremely expensive and prompts questions for ship owners and ship managers. For topics like this KRAL has a booklet with consultation check designed to help and support.18 offers in different areas such as pumps and pump stations, fuel consumption measurement and cylinder lubricating oil measurement helps to save a considerable amount of money.

"Up to $270,000 per motor can be saved yearly if a simple mechanical cylinder lubricating oil meter is changed to a digital cylinder lubricating oil control system", says the Trade & Technical Press.

KRAL measurements have shown that the actual cylinder oil consumption can differ from the set value. Only with an accruable measurement can the correct consumption be achieved. Suitable measurements and other economic advantages can be found in the KRAL booklet "Ship Upgrade". This booklet is an important manual to reduce operating costs.