Many cruise ships, ferries and yachts are equipped with the innovative MKN professional cooking technology. These customers all over the world appreciate the outstanding suitability for daily use – even under the harsh conditions on the high seas.

Customers’ special requirements are agreed upon individually and the highest demands can be fulfilled at any time. Especially for the marine sector MKN offers the relevant equipment: pot securities for ranges and hobs or oven door latches, flanged feet and special voltage, fryers according to SOLAS regulations and hygienic cupboards.

Another example are the MKN ‘Meister-units’ on board. All appliances are combined under a cover plate of three millimetre high-grade steel which makes work safe and clean. This hygienic cover plate signifies a high ease of care for the user because the cleaning can be done quickly and easily.

The innovative HansDampf combination cooking technology can also be found on many ships. The HansDampf is an artist of variability and practicability. The innovative cooking chamber concept FlexiRack with its crosswise or lengthwise inserts, for example, leads to a huge capacity and highest cooking results.

Equipped with its automatic cleaning system WaveClean the HansDampf can clean itself. This system uses a patented two-in-one sealed cartridge. Just open and insert, select cleaning programme and start. WaveClean now cleans the HansDampf safely, economically and hygienically, totally efficient, even overnight.