The HansDampf creates innovative standards for combi cooking technology and thanks to a user-oriented development it is strongly focused on the real needs of chefs. HansDampf features numerous technical innovations, countless profitable applications and practical details of the highest quality which is the future of combi cooking.

The HansDampf is an outstanding example of the MKN quality standard. First-class materials, innovative quality and production technology going down to the last detail emphasise the reliable high product quality of food prepared in HansDampf. The right setting for grilling, baking, steaming, roasting and regeneration can be found quickly and with ease. Time, temperature and humidity can individually be combined by using the climate function and the StepMatic save function. In addition, the cookbook is also available for saving and calling up customised programmes.

The very clear, ergonomic and easy to use operation is one of the outstanding features of HansDampf. It can be centrally controlled with one hand from the CombiPilot: easy and very intuitive.

With the FlexiRack – the innovative MKN variability and capacity concept – the user has the choice which rack to use: either the practical crosswise insert for safe and stable use or the lengthwise insert. HansDampf can even be fitted with a special rack matching the classical baking trays measure 60cm x 40cm.

And with the automatic cleaning system WaveClean the HansDampf gold can clean itself. Instead of conventional tablet and liquid detergents WaveClean technology uses a patented two-in-one cartridge – rinsing agent and detergent in one sealed cartridge. Just open and insert, select cleaning programme and start. WaveClean cleans the HansDampf gold safely, economically and hygienically, totally efficient even overnight.