It goes without saying that maximum utilisation of the available space is possible with a full load. After all, every user should expect to be able to use all of the rack inserts in his combisteamer. In addition, the auto-reverse fan operation in the HansDampf ensures even heat distribution and therefore top quality dishes with above average uniformity.

Taking schnitzels (escalopes) as an example, this means in practice that 80 schnitzels can be prepared uniformly and with excellent browning results in one load in the HansDampf 10.1. The innovative space concept FlexiRack® provides a further capacity benefit and MKN hereby offers the user genuine added value.

A remarkable quantity of 120 schnitzels can be prepared in the HansDampf 10.1 with FlexiRack®. Compared with the HansDampf 10.1 with 1/1 GN this represents a sensational increase in capacity of 50%. Using the same appliance size together with FlexiRack®, regeneration even results in an unbelievable increase in capacity of 100%. Due to this optimum utilisation of the cooking chamber, energy and valuable working time can be saved practically with the HansDampf – simply the highest degree of efficiency.