After more than four years in development, MKN presents the FlexiChef® to the German market.

The MKN FlexiChef® is a completely new multifunctional class of high performance technology which optimises complete kitchen processes with its unique customer benefits, particularly with regard to time and cost management. Professional chefs therefore now experience a new world of cooking. This new world is characterised by unrivalled speed, perfect hygiene, maximum flexibility, state of the art operation as well as environmentally responsible sustainability and efficiency.

The powerful performance of the high speed innovation FlexiChef® opens up new possibilities for increased business and sales volume. With its extremely high degree of flexibility due to the various possible designs, sizes and appliance combinations, the FlexiChef® is perfectly adapted to the individual requirements of any kitchen. The central feature is the user-friendly operating concept which matches up to any modern communication technology. Cooking is both fun and child’s play!

The same also goes for cleaning, as MKN presents with FlexiChef® the first automatic cleaning system for horizontal kitchen technology. In particular, intermediate cleaning is an absolute revolution: FlexiChef® is ready for operation again in only two minutes and completely without the use of chemicals. This saves time, provides reliability and increases the kitchen personnel’s motivation.

All features and configurations clearly aim for considerable benefits for the user, enormous saving potential and careful use of resources. The new MKN FlexiChef® increases company earnings considerably and investment costs are amortised in less than 12 months. The bottom line is that it is simply the perfect solution for more efficiency and sustainability in professional kitchens!

The FlexiChef® highlights at a glance:

  • MagicPilot: Touch, wipe and slide like state-of-the-art smartphones and at the same time absolutely robust and solid – a major step forward in user comfort
  • SpaceClean: The first automatic cleaning system for horizontal cooking technology represents a milestone in kitchen hygiene
  • ReadyXpress: A powerful speed concept with sensationally fast production times
  • Turbo PowerBlock: New heating system with intelligent energy management for increased performance and specifically targeted use of energy