SSG, the specialist protective wallcovering from Muraspec, has undergone rigorous testing by the internationally recognised testing agency Bureau Veritas. SSG’s durability was trialled under controlled conditions designed to simulate a hospital environment, to prove that it performs better than alternative coatings, such as paint or standard commercial wallcovering.

An impactor made from an aluminium block weighing 2.1kg was used to imitate the force of a hospital trolley and then propelled repeatedly at a speed of 2.5mph by a pneumatic cylinder, towards the same point on a plastered wall covered in different coatings. SSG, standard paint, paint covered with fibre glass, and a contract-grade fabric-backed vinyl were all tested using the same process.

The tests demonstrated that SSG offered the highest levels of resistance:

  • Painted only – the impactor cut into the plastic on each impact counter
  • Tassoglas (painted with coat emulsion) – the impact cut through to the plaster on each impact counted; the damage sustained to the wall was reduced by the covering in comparison to the painted only section
  • Standard commercial wallcovering – the impactor cut through to the plaster on each impact conducted; the damage sustained to the wall was reduced by the covering in comparison to the tassoglass, where the cut is deemed to be similar but deeper
  • SSG – each impact appears to not have damaged the covering; possibly the plaster may be displaced /dented underneath but the impactor did not penetrate the covering

Angus Morton, head of sales and marketing at Muraspec Marine commented, “These tests confirm the exceptional toughness of SSG. Not only does this product have excellent durability it is also coated with a Tedlar film, which creates a dirt repellent coating that makes it easy to clean and resistant to strong chemicals. SSG really is ideal for high traffic areas within marine vessels and meets IMO certification.”

SSG is available in a number of colours offering a durable yet aesthetically pleasing finish to any marine environment.

SSG has recently achieved the BCFA product accreditation.