Pemamek has received an additional order from French shipyard STX France to provide advanced assembly and welding automation stations for panel profiles.

Pemamek has signed a contract with STX France to deliver extensive automated panel profile feeding, assembly and welding stations to the Saint-Nazaire shipyard. The new order is a continuum for the PEMA laser-hybrid welding line, delivered in 2016.

The fresh contract covers design and delivery, but also site training and production assistance of the profile feeding, assembly and welding stations.

The new machinery is a part of STX France’s modernisation initiative as the company’s existing profile assembling and welding equipment were causing too high maintenance costs and did not meet STX’s quality standards.

STX France investment project manager Florent Camaret said: “Our machinery for profile assembling and welding was outdated and we needed to invest in new, modern technology.

“Results from the PEMA laser-hybrid and milling project were convincing. With this new investment, we wanted to make sure that our production cycle will stay as smooth as possible and equipment will speak the same language, thus we wanted to continue with PEMA technology.”

The new order includes one PEMA profile feeding line, as well as two automated PEMA profile assembly and welding stations. Each of the solutions will be integrated in STX France’s existing panel lines.

With the new state-of-the-art PEMA manufacturing stations, STX France will be able to significantly improve their throughput times, add capacity and maintain world-class production quality.

Pemamek key accounts vice-president Jukka Rantala said: “We are really happy to continue as STX France’s solution provider. By adding PEMA automation to their existing manufacture lines, STX will gain one of the best and most efficient profile assembling and welding solutions in the shipbuilding industry. This project lays strong foundation for future success for both of the companies.”