Fincantieri shipyard manufactures ships with PEMA Welding Automation.

Fincantieri and its Monfalcone Shipyard have decided to continue with a well-tried Pemamek welding automation technology in the shipyard’s production lines. Fincantieri has ordered a unique profile processing line and one side welding station with laser-hybrid process and integrated milling. The exact amount of the contract has not been revealed by the parties, but it is in the order of several million euros.

Previously Pemamek has supplied patented Vision Robot Stations for welding panels to Fincantieri. The shipyard has found the PEMA systems productive and advanced, laying a solid foundation for further co-operation and trust between the two companies.

Based on this strong relationship, Fincantieri and Pemamek have now revealed a contract of laser-hybrid based one-sided welding station and a unique profile processing line. The contract consists of a full turnkey delivery with designing, manufacturing, assembly, installation and training. The delivery of these outstanding solutions will take place during summer 2013 at Monfalcone.

At the first stage of the project, PEMA created efficient solutions for profile processing and plate joining in close cooperation with Fincantieri. The co-operation was fruitful and productive from the very beginning. As Pemamek stands for one of the only global professional manufacturers of both types of complete systems, a package solution was the best way to solve Fincantieri’s production needs.

Unique solutions for Fincantieri

In the project, Pemamek had the capability and know-how to take its customer’s specific requirements on serious consideration and to adapt them to PEMA’s own existing technology. The profile processing line, which consists of edge blasting and milling functions before a fully robotised cutting and sorting system, is the most advanced technology available on the market. The solution is very unique and highly automated to provide superior capacity and quality to the shipyard production.

The plate joining system is the first of its kind and size on the market and consists of a huge one sided welding station with laser-hybrid welding process integrated together with a tandem MAG process for welding various thicknesses. The station also includes PEMA’s own milling machine technology and rigid clamping systems for in-feeding and out-feeding the plates with related conveyors. The welding power sources are of the latest technology and the fiber laser source is one of the biggest for plate joining.

Pemamek is dedicated to listening to its customers’ requirements, conditions, wishes and needs. Pemamek has over 40 years of experience of different production and welding automation systems, which makes PEMA solutions easy to fit with customers’ current systems. PEMA solutions are flexible and Pemamek’s professional engineers have the relevant experience and know-how. In addition to these factors, the company’s strong commitment to creating key customer partnerships was a key factor in its latest contract award.