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Delicious Seafood Products for the Cruise Line Industry

Pescaviar was founded in 1997 with the vision of creating and developing a complete range of alternative products to the existing fish roes and caviar.

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Pescaviar was founded in 1997 with the vision of creating and developing a complete range of alternative products to the existing fish roes and caviar. Pescaviar has successfully launched a variety of caviar-related products into this gourmet bracket in more than 35 countries and over five continents, especially in the cruise line business.

Pescaviar develops products that are free from artificial preservatives, flavours or aroma enhancers. We make our products this way to highlight the original flavour and aroma of the high-quality raw materials used in their production.

Alternatives to fish roes and caviar

Our seafood products are becoming more widely recognised among chefs and gastronomes all over the world. They are now starting to become popular in the cruise line business as Pescaviar products are a high-quality alternative to caviar. We are focused on building brand awareness and becoming more present in the cruise line business.

Pescaviar adapts its products and packaging to the demand of new consumers and therefore enlarging our range of products with unique flavours. Our products are the only credible alternative to caviar made with high quality, sophistication and innovation.

Arënkha, made of smoked wild herring, is a unique product with an exquisite taste and intense flavour. This product has a long shelf life of more than a year.
Trufka, with its creamy texture and pearlescent brown colour, is the perfect ingredient for any recipe. The original way to enjoy truffles all year-round due to its long shelf life.
Perfect spheres, which once in the mouth explode with intense flavour. You may find original recipes on our website. Cocktail Pearls have a shelf life of nine months.
Chovas creams are easy to use, light and healthy. They are especially suited for canapés, toasts and other cold dishes. They have a shelf life of six to eight months.

Herring and anchovy pearls

Arënkha is a caviar substitute made of wild North Sea herrings. This gives Arënkha its exquisite taste, bright black colour and subtle smoky flavour. It is a versatile product that can be used in hot and cold dishes, without losing the colour or the shape and giving a touch of originality to your starters, pasta and fish dishes.

Pescaviar´s range includes other products such as:

  • Arënkha Selection: more sophisticated version of Arënkha with more fat and therefore a higher lipid content. This product has a subtle grey colour and a creamier texture. It is presented in a beautiful golden tin and ready to be served on hot buttered toast or on blinis with sour cream.
  • Arënkha MSC: made of herring pearls with the added bonus of having a marine stewardship council certification (MSC), which supports sustainable fishing
  • Anchoviar: grey pearls made from anchovies with a soft and delicate texture and a perfect accompaniment for cheese, potatoes and salads

Gourmet black truffle pearls

Pescaviar has kept up with today’s avant-garde cooking trends to create Trufka, the new way of savouring truffles. Trufka is made from black truffles and has all the flavour of the truffle in a small, shining pearl without any artificial preservatives. Its intense truffle taste and the attractive appearance of its caviar shape make Trufka the perfect combination of gourmet flavours. Combine Trufka with carpaccios, meat dishes, and risottos. Simply irresistible!

Fruit and sauce pearls

Following the new techno-emotive trends in high cuisine and starting from the technique known as spherification, which has been used by the most prestigious chefs, we have created our mouth-wateringly scrumptious Cocktail Pearls. They are perfect spheres with a liquid heart made from fruits and sauces, which burst once in your mouth.

These pearls are the perfect accompaniment in any cooked dish, dessert or cocktail. We offer various flavours to combine it with all your dishes. Choose from apple & ginger, strawberry, lime & lemon, vinegar & shallot, lemon & pepper and chilli pepper.

Delicious and soft cream cheeses

We detected an increasing demand for easy to eat and natural fish products and started the commercialisation of delicious and soft cream cheeses with different type of fish. Pescaviar has an appealing range of six Chovas cream cheeses. We have flavours such as tuna, crab, black pearls, cod with tomato, salmon and scorpionfish to choose from.


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