Chemically strengthened laminated glass manufactured by ProCurve Glass makes flat and bent marine glazing stronger, lighter in weight with improved optical quality and impact resistance.

The chemical strengthening process provides additional strength to the glass through an ion- exchange, whereby the glass strength shows 6x-8x increase in the surface compression of the glass as compared to standard annealed glass. In addition, the chemical strengthening process does not contribute to optical distortion and can increase scratch resistance.

When chemically strengthened glass is laminated, the laminated product offers resistance to impact, both intentional and weather-related. If breakage does occur, the broken fragments are likely to adhere to the interlayer, providing a barrier until replacement can be made. ProCurve Glass offers laminated products that can be designed to meet the most demanding performance expectations, all of which provide up to 99% UV screening.

Chemically strengthened laminates are used in a wide variety of marine applications, from cruise ships, ferries, and river boats to luxury yachts

To learn more about chemically strengthened laminated glass used in marine glazing, please contact ProCurve Glass Design.