ProCurve Glass Design is now offering lightweight marine glazing that meets Classification Society requirements. By incorporating Corning Gorilla® Glass into its laminated glass products, the glazing design is stronger and lighter than traditional glass laminates. Additionally, these products offer high resistance to scratches and sharp contact damage due to its superior surface quality.

When marine glazing laminates include Gorilla® Glass, the chemical strengthening process can result in a glass surface compression of 850MPa and a case depth of 75μm. The integration of high-performance interlayers used to bond the plies of glass together ensures post-glass breakage safety and exceptional post-breakage mechanical performance.

A wide range of multi-ply glass laminates are available. The individual thickness range for Gorilla® Glass is 0.5mm to 2mm. Lightweight marine glazing is suitable for use in marine vessels of all kinds, including cruise ships, ferries, river boats and other workboat applications.

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