PBUCH have provided air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment for the PSV vessels (850 and 853 series) built in Remontowa Shipbuilding shipyard for the Scottish shipping company Gulf Offshore N.S. Ltd.

For these ships we arranged deliveries of AHU units, condensing units for AC systems, provision cooling plants, along with components for the ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

Now assembly works have place, we are making air-conditioning and refrigeration systems installations on board.

The Gulf Offshore vessels are used as offshore supply ships in the North Sea. They will be delivering dry bulk materials, liquids and general cargo and will also be adapted for firefighting and oil spill cleaning operations.

We have already fitted these vessels with our Bulk Tanks (5 units per vessel) with a diameter of 4,27m and a capacity of 64,3m3 each.

These vessels are built under ABS Classification and also certified as "Clean design" under the Green Passport certification. All equipment produced by PBUCH is with materials which are not harmful for the environment and safe for handling by personnel.