Hyperbaric chamber

Today, one of PBuch’s most popular products is its containerised rescue and hyperbaric treatment chamber system, which is a decompression chamber built into a standardised container for ease of transport and storage. It is a very sophisticated product that needs to be built to the exact specifications of our client and special technical standards.

The chamber is automated and situated within a container that can be transported by sea, road, rail or air and delivered ready to use. The chamber has to be made under special conditions because of regulations about oxygen purity and its use for medical purposes. Nonetheless, we have been able to meet all of the strictest certification guidelines. It has also been used to for training exercises such as for submarine crew. Our latest research and development project is invested in finding new materials for the unit and to bring it up to the latest regulation standards.

Hyperbaric decompression chambers are not PBuch’s only popular product, however. As one of the leading manufacturers of onboard HVAC and refrigeration equipment, it not only produces entire water-cooling, compressor, condenser and heat exchange systems but also the components required for their operation.

Whilst there are standardised specifications, the company is also able to manufacture any of these individually to meet requests. Research and development has been a crucial component in making sure this happens, a process undertaken with the help of research universities and technical colleges from around Poland. An example could be the loading stations and cleaning modules for bulk handling systems, used in off-shore industry, military and scientific research projects like "Module for physical multidimensional observation and under-water recognition".

We continue to gain additional certifications for our other equipment. For example, we recently gained a special metals welding approval for aluminium, duplex steel and metal alloys like: brass, copper, cupronickel, alubrass, bimetals and aluminium. We are implementing at present titanium welding procedures. For the equipment for the petrochemical industry we use high-quality steel, which complies with NACE MR0175 standard.

We are always trying to find out what is necessary for the market and ensure our equipment changes according to these demands, which are then reinforced by certified approvals. This is the basis for PBuch’s business and we will continue along these lines.