“BASSnet is our preferred choice for smooth and cost-effective dry-docking,” says Cool Company COO Øistein Dahl. “Our Vessel Managers can fully control the entire project optimising planning and execution with better fleet-wide overview to minimise costs. They can easily plan jobs and monitor progress across the fleet with daily reports. BASSnet’s business intelligence is also invaluable for cost analysis and savings.”

Mr. Dahl adds, “The ability to compare quotes within a single system helps us to stay cost efficient. We can also easily evaluate and identify the best yards for future projects.”

For dry-docking, the BASSnet Projects solution drives valuable cost and efficiency benefits, and can help users to:

  • Efficiently create and distribute company standards for dry-docking specifications fleetwide
  • Plan and monitor the entire dry docking and link relevant PMS jobs for the whole fleet
  • Save time by mixing and matching from previous projects, including cost estimates
  • Engage ship staff to help preparing the dry-docking spec in good time and shift PMS jobs to a convenient upcoming docking
  • Digitally send RFQs to yards, auto-populate Quotations back into BASSnet, and compare them
  • Efficiently monitor, update the progress of the work, and raise all required purchase orders
  • Fully monitor projects costs for yard, materials, and subcontracted services
  • Evaluate yards upon completion of works for future reference
  • Automatically update the onboard maintenance system with history of the work performed for later reference during maintenance planning, class inspections, and vetting inspections
  • Analyse past dry-dockings and use the data for future planning and improvements.

BASSnet also brings significant cost efficiency as an integrated solution. The system ties together maintenance, procurement, and dry-docking, and enables financial control. Using a company’s wealth of fleet data, BASSnet’s valuable business intelligence enables ship owners and managers to analyse costs and target potential savings for the future.

“BASSnet is designed for end-to-end efficiency while fully controlling costs,” says BASS Software CEO and managing director Per Steinar Upsaker. “It enables technical asset managers to comply with industry standards and regulations. They can tightly manage projects through systematic planning that optimises costs. They can also keep track of dry-docking history onboard, a highly valuable benefit especially for oil tankers, chemical tankers, and gas carriers that are subjected to extreme scrutiny by oil companies and authorities.”

BASS Software continues its traction in the market with a great start to the year. CoolCo’s purchase of BASSnet Projects highlights the value of this powerful solution to streamline and optimise operations and costs. CoolCo is poised to gain significant benefits for their dry-docking planning and execution upon this implementation of the BASSnet Projects solution.