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Performance Monitoring Solutions

Insatech Marine specialises in fuel consumption systems and monitoring solutions for the maritime industry.

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Insatech Marine specialises in fuel consumption systems and monitoring solutions.

Insatech Marine specialises in fuel consumption systems and monitoring solutions for the maritime industry.

Fuel consumption systems for the marine sector

Insatech’s team of marine experts has established partnerships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers in instrumentation and automation for a global service.

The company optimises operational procedures and eases decision-making by offering field-tested and proven solutions for regulatory compliance to save money.

Insatech Marine offers fuel consumption systems such as the one displayed, consisting of a number of Coriolis mass flow meters and a simple user interface.
This fuel monitoring system also uses Coriolis mass flow meters to measure consumption and allows a larger data set, as well as data to be sent home.
The performance monitoring system also includes the monitoring of torque and thrust. It provides data about vessel operation for the fleet and headquarters.
The company offers measurement of bunker operations, which detect and prevent bunker fraud.
Without a functioning ODME system, vessels are not allowed to sail, so securing an ODME system from Insatech Marine enables companies to stay operational.

Fuel consumption systems can reduce usage through real-time data. Users can gain insights into how internal and external influences affect vessels. The data can be used to implement cost-effective optimisation projects.

Vessel monitoring solutions for data analysis

Insatech offers solutions to measure fuel consumption at vessel level, and enables users to send data to their headquarters for further analysis.

The system allows efficiency projects to be rolled out and evaluated on fleet level. It can be expanded and connected to consumers for tracking purposes.

Insatech specialises in performance monitoring for improved operations by assisting in the evaluation and effect of projects or initiatives.

Observing a vessel’s performance can be used to assess its energy efficiency plan and simplifies decision-making processes. Data collection from multiple instruments and consumers provides information concerning vessel performance.

Bunker management for vessels

Insatech’s bunker solutions use stable Coriolis mass flow meters to prevent any attempts to manipulate marine fuel by either heat or air.

The company has ensured accurate bunkering since 2013. The largest reported faulty delivery detected with help from the system was 53.3 metric tonnes (mt) in June 2013.

Oil discharge monitoring equipment

Regulation stipulates that all vessels must carry functional oil discharge monitoring equipment (ODME) aboard.

ODME is designed to allow or prevent the discharge of ballast water, depending on the level of residues, and automatically logs discharge sites.

Insatech provides installation, training, service and maintenance of its products to avoid any downtime, delays or unplanned costs of operation.

The company may have to install products and vessel upgrades differently depending on the vessel interior, operating waters and undertaken tasks.


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