Kockumation Group forms a new and competent lineup, consisting of Kockum Sonics along with the recently made acquisitions of Texon Automation and Polarmarine. The Kockumation Group can today offer a wider range of packages to all customers covering loading computers, boiler automation, tank cleaning equipment, cargo and ballast automation, ship’s whistles and sonic cleaning systems.


Polarmarine International was established in London 1966. Daughter company Polarmarine Scandinavia was launched in 1978. The company has been involved with development and design of tank cleaning machines since day one. Today the Polarmarine reference list contains more than 70,000 installed tank cleaning machines.

Texon Automation

Texon Automation was founded in 1976 and has its roots in the Kockum Shipyard. The company provides skilled service in control engineering and combustion process engineering. The business philosophy has been to provide a one source turnkey solution. Texon Automation has implemented several major upgrades as well as installation, commissioning and operation of more than 250 marine boilers, of which 22 are dual fired onboard LNG-carriers. The scope of supply stretches from project planning to installation / commissioning. All installation work is done at docking without any additional off hire time. The customer is always in focus and the solutions are tailor made to fit the specific vessel.

Texon Automation offers:

  • Combustion controls
  • Burner Management System (BMS)
  • Boil Off Gas (BOG) control systems
  • Flame monitoring

Kockum Sonics

KOCKUM SONICS MARINE has its heritage in ship design and ship construction from the well-known Kockum Shipyard.The product line consists of TYFON®, acoustic signal system, LOADMASTER® loading computers, LEVELMASTER® level gauging systems, SHIPMASTER® cargo and ballast automation and INSONEX® sonic cleaning for marine applications. All with strong positions on the market.All products and software are developed in close cooperation with sailing masters and naval architects as well as ship owners and classification societies. We always focus on onboard operation.