Navis’s dedicated emission compliance-modules for EU monitoring, reporting and verification of fuel consumption (MRV) and IMO data collection system (DCS) of the fleet performance software Bluetracker One have been certified by Verifavia, the emissions verification company for the transport sector.

Both modules are fully compliant with the requirements of 2015/757 for EU MRV and MARPOL Annex VI, Regulation 22A for IMO DCS.

As part of the Verifavia certification process, a deep analysis of Navis data and processes was conducted, including a comprehensive survey of the Bluetracker engineering team.

Results showed that Navis has designed a compelling and safe software solution that assists ship operators in aggregating operational vessel performance data to generate annual emission reports in accordance with EU MRV and IMO Data Collection System (DCS) regulations.

With regard to the EU MRV requirements, the Bluetracker module considers the fuel consumption methodologies A, B and C for vessel types such as container vessels, oil, gas and chemical tankers, bulk carriers, general cargo vessels, reefer vessels, multipurpose vessels and roro vessels. All the parameters required for compliance with the EU MRV and IMO DCS regulations are adequately monitored in the system and Bluetracker’s reporting mechanisms are fully compliant with the regulations.

Furthermore, the aggregation of emission data by Bluetracker is compatible with the official platform EU Thetis MRV: The file ‘Emissions.xml’ generated by the system includes data for both EU MRV voyages and EU / European Economic Area (EEA) port stays and it was successfully imported in THETIS MRV.

XVELA Global Sales vice-president and head at  Navis Carrier and Solutions Martin Bardi says: “With Verifavia certification, the Bluetracker system has once again demonstrated its compliance, which has also been confirmed by our customers who have successfully started the verifying process of the ship-specific annual emission reports in accordance with the EU MRV regulations.”

As one of the first IT solutions, Bluetracker MRV gained the ‘MRV ready’ certification by the classification society DNV GL in 2017.

Bluetracker emission compliance modules generate compliant emissions reports whereby all incoming operational ship data is continuously validated in real-time, in terms of data plausibility, consistency and completeness.

In addition to the Bluetracker data collection systems Reporting and Automatic, Bluetracker MRV and IMO DCS modules can also be combined with other reporting solutions in which the data is exchanged via API interface.

Furthermore, the Verifavia system certification has shown that both emission compliance modules by Bluetracker are compliant with the software requirements according to ISO IEC 20551 software engineering standards and the software security requirements according to ISO IEC 250051.

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