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Navis offers market-leading solutions used in the shipping sector for calculating the stability of a vessel for loading and unloading, efficiently and economically loading container vessels of all sizes, or monitoring and analysing the performance of a commercial vessel.

Vessel loading computer as industry-standard

Generations of nautical officers are working with the MACS3 computer loading system on board. Established in 1984 and formally known as Seacos, the MACS3 loading computer became the industry-standard for container vessels.

There are a number of key features of the programme, including:

  • Integration of latest updates of lashing regulations by major classification societies for enhanced safety and vessel utilisation
  • Updates according to the latest International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG) amendments for reliable segregation and stowage
  • Integrated trim optimisation functionalities to save fuel oil

MACS3 loading computer is also available for bulk carriers, multi-purpose vessels, tankers and roll-on roll-off vessels. Its library contains more than 5,000 vessel profiles. In addition, maritime universities worldwide teach future nautical officers with MACS3.

Connected with StowMan and the collaborative stowage platform in the Cloud, XVELA, MACS3 is one of the pillars an effective cargo flow process is based on.

Effective stowage planning solutions

More than 3,000 stowage planners from more than 50 shipping lines, agencies and smaller terminals worldwide are using Navis software solutions such as StowMan and Capstan for the planning of their container vessels, including CMA CGM, COSCO, Hapag-Lloyd and ONE.

StowMan is an advanced multifunctional stowage operation system aimed at optimising filling factors through enhanced and simplified handling of cargo operations. It uses the full scope of the stability and stress calculations, slot definitions and lashing rules of the on-board MACS3 loading computer.

Currently, Navis and XVELA software engineers are working on integrating StowMan and Capstan functionalities in XVELA.

Cloud technology ship optimisation software

Future requirements for safe, environmentally friendly and efficient vessel and cargo operations require for new technologies in every part of every vessel to generate comprehensive information on a vessel and its cargo’s performance.

Navis is championing Cloud technologies and provides MACS3 connected web applications and API services for new ways of employing underutilised data from a loading computer to drive more holistic planning and safe executions of ship and cargo operations.

Vessel and fleet performance and compliance

With Bluetracker One, Navis provides a vessel and fleet collaboration platform to monitor, report and analyse the vessel performance and emission compliance. It helps ship owners and ship managers to reduce fuel oil and greenhouse gas emissions.

About Navis

For more than 30 years, the leading Terminal Operation System (TOS) N4 has been produced at our headquarters in Oakland, California, US. Together with the start-up XVELA, Navis is working to build a maritime business network that will enable efficient collaboration among all parties in the entire End-2-End value chain.

In 2016, Navis acquired the software unit of former Interschalt Maritime Systems AG, which since has been operating as Navis Carrier and Vessel Solutions.

Navis is a company within the Finnish group Cargotec, which is listed on the stock market in Helsinki, and boasts a global workforce of approximately 11,000 employees.

Navis has more than 550 employees worldwide and approximately 85 in Flensburg and Schenefeld near Hamburg, Germany, where the company operates as a business division of Kalmar Germany GmbH.


With a market share of approximately 65% and approved by all classification societies, MACS3 loading computer is the industry standard for container vessels.

MACS3 Connected

Navis' web-based MACS3 Connected is designed to offer results for dedicated loading computer calculations such as stability, strengths, bending moments, lashing.

MACS3 API Services

The Cloud-based MACS3 API services provide access to relevant vessel information to be seamlessly integrated into the company's IT environment and in operational processes.


The ship planner plays a vital role in vessel utilisation for efficiency and optimised operations.

Bluetracker One

Vessel and fleet collaboration platform Bluetracker One ensures effective monitoring, reporting and analytics of performance and emission compliance.

MACS3 API Services

MACS3 API Services enables accessibility of ship-specific loading computer calculation results in the Cloud.

Bluetracker’s EU MRV and IMO DCS Modules Comply with Emission Regulations

Navis's dedicated emission compliance-modules for EU monitoring, reporting and verification of fuel consumption (MRV) and IMO data collection system (DCS) of the fleet performance software Bluetracker One have been certified by Verifavia, the emissions verification company for the transport sector.

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