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Leading Provider of Maritime Software for Cargo and Vessel Performance and Compliance

Kaleris Navis Carrier and Vessel Solutions offers solutions for the three main industry trends in maritime business: Safety, Connectivity, and Sustainability.


Kaleris Navis Carrier and Vessel Solutions (CVS) comprise an advanced state-of-the-art loading computer with a special focus on container incident prevention, a connected onshore stowage planning tool, and a fleet performance solution that helps customers to find their way towards the upcoming emission compliance.

Loading computer

65% of all operated container vessels have MACS3 on board and 70% of the global TOP ten liners use MACS3 on board of their fleet. 2556 vessels of all ship types have MACS3 on board.

Some advantages of MACS3 include:

  • Removing the disconnection of onboard crews, onshore nautical teams and onshore planning teams by access to loading computer data in the cloud
  • Enablling real-time visualisation of the actual onboard situation for shore staff through automated loading computer data transfer into the cloud
  • Creating a single source of truth in case of incidents, emergencies or claims for all stakeholders
  • Easily generating automated business intelligence data that had to be collected manually in spreadsheets in the past
  • Gain visibility on movement of cargo at one button-click that previously had to be collected through manual spreadsheets

Onboard loading computer

MACS3- safety and efficiency are key assets for making the right decisions.

Minimising stress, while increasing safety and loading comprehensively, is one of the key competitive advantages for ocean carriers, owners, and managers. The Navis loading computer seamlessly integrates all relevant data about cargo, cargo securing, and vessel behavior during sailing. MACS3 sets the industry standard for safe and efficient loading operations by meeting the needs of ocean carriers, owners and managers, and the global seaborne trade.

Connected loading computer

MACS3 Connected- loading computer information is now at your fingertips

At the heart of ship operations, loading computer information plays a vital role in ensuring efficient, profitable, and safe operations. Navis MACS3 Connected leverages Cloud-based solutions to enable fleet-wide visibility of loading computer information and allows access to a single source of truth for multiple parties, if required.

MACS3 API- connect and collaborate

 Navis MACS3 API allows liners, terminals, ports, and on-board teams to connect with each other and collaborate in real-time. Its API-powered solution does not just solely help unlock the genuine value of the operational data, it also helps all stakeholders to remain competitive and be on top of the game while adapting into the transitional changes in the maritime shipping industry.

Stowage planning

50% of the global TOP 10 liners use Stowman for stowage planning ashore and 37% of the global TOP 30 liners use Stowman for stowage planning ashore. 40 larger and smaller ocean carriers use Stowman. Some advantages of Stowman include:

  • Consolidating a valid version of the latest load list for the vessel by automatically integrating information on booked cargo from various inbound sources
  • Creating an automatically updated central version of the stowage plan that is accessible to booking departments, DG departments and various regional planning office
  • Balancing maximum capacity and safe sailing through an integration of the loading computer calculations into the stowage planning system and reduce the risk of container incidents at the same time

Stowman DS- optimise stowage and business

With the increasing complexity of shipping operations, the role of stowage is getting more significant than ever. However, executing efficient stowage operations is not always easy because it requires coordinating numerous complex components. It is a process that has always room for improvement and optimisation. Stowman DS allows shipping liners to execute efficient stowage operations that manage the complex trade-offs of all relevant stowage criteria safely while increasing cargo intake to maximize profitability.

Fleet performance

Over 440 vessels are equipped with Bluetracker One, with more than 30 verifiers. Some advantages of Bluetracker include:

  • Using automated prediction and simulation to avoid time-consuming and workforce-binding development of future sustainability compliance strategies in shipping companies
  • Be ahead of upcoming sustainability regulations with data modeling with AI/ML to prepare reliable data about calculations how a vessel may perform in the future
  • Using the highest data quality from only one tool suite to avoid fragmented tools for different compliance overviews

Bluetracker- high data quality is a competitive advantage

Maximising fleet performance, running sustainable operations, and remaining competitive in the charter market require collaboration, transparency, and flexibility. Navis Bluetracker Suite unifies commercial and operational fleet-wide data for all key stakeholders to make the best decisions and to ensure top fleet performance and meet the industry-wide sustainability standards such as CII.

There are three main elements, mainly:

Fleet Performance and Data Analytics

Unify various data sources and forms to understand vessel behavior and maximise fleet performance and increase commercial gains. Accurately predict future fuel consumption, emissions savings, and maintenance costs to make the right decisions at the right time. Unlock the real value of a fleet by leveraging accurate and high data quality combined in a holistic approach.

Crew Involvement and Reporting

The crew on-board is the one and only asset that can implement any decisions to optimise fleet performance, ensure sustainable operations, and bridge the gap between on-shore and on-board teams. Gain full power of fleets in-real time with crew involvement

Sustainability Intelligence

Comply with the international maritime regulatory bodies such as the EU MRV, IMO DCS, CII, and other regulatory frameworks through automated and trustworthy data monitoring, prediction, and simulation. Confidently manage sustainable operations and acknowledge all relevant stakeholders regarding a vessels’ environmental index.

Incident prevention

  • Sail with easy and in compliance with the latest rules and regulations about safe seakeeping states and safe status of container securings implemented and integrated in the onboard Loading Computer MACS3
  • Get proactive warning about conflicts around dangerous goods or calculated lashing forces already in the planning stage through the complete integration of loading computer MACS3 with stowage planning system Stowman DS
  • Take informed actions after simulating various possibilities to avoid risky situations with the Lashing Monitor and Operational Guidance
  • Let well-trained onboard crews be aware of risks and action items in cases of conflicts in condition checks through MACS3 e-Learning
  • Collaborate real-time in emergencies through MACS3 Connected that provides a single source of truth in case of incidents, emergencies, or claims

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