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SEAB Marine

Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm Systems

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Specialising in bridge navigational watch alarm systems (BNWAS), SEAB Marine provides shipboard automation and complete electrical system designs, installations and integration for marine and offshore vessels.

Modern ships are completely dependent on their electrical, automation and computer systems. They must function without failures, both for the safety of the ship and the comfort of passengers and crew.

Experts in BNWAS, the company is proud to put its name to one of the most advanced systems on the market.

Shipboard automation and electrical systems

With more than 30 years of experience, SEAB Marine is specialised in the field of shipboard automation and electrical systems. We have delivered hundreds of our own designed and produced BNWAS systems (DMA), as well as designing and installing systems for engine monitoring, voyage data recording, tank gauging and cargo control.

We have also provided services all over the world for our customers in the shipping, cruise and shipbuilding industries. We work closely with our clients in order to satisfy their performance requirements with the minimum disruption to their business.

Bridge-related marine safety systems

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) recognises that many operational bridge-related marine accidents could be averted if an effective and operational bridge navigational watch alarm system (BNWAS) was fitted to vessels.

The IMO also recognises that, by the use of a bridge navigational watch alarm system (BNWAS), warnings will be given in case of the incapacity of the watch-keeping officer due to accident, sickness or in the event of a security breach, e.g. piracy and/or hijacking.

The IMO notes that the installation of such equipment is a relatively low-cost and effective means of avoiding operational navigational accidents.

Bridge navigational watch alarm systems

Our BNWAS (DMA) system is certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

The purpose of a bridge navigational watch alarm system (BNWAS) is to monitor bridge activity and detect operator disability which could lead to marine accidents.

The system monitors the awareness of the officer on watch (OOW) and automatically alerts the master or another qualified officer, if for any reason the person on the bridge becomes incapable of performing his / her duties. Additionally, the BNWAS may also provide the OOW with the means of calling for immediate assistance, if required. The BNWAS should be operational whenever the ship’s heading or tracking control system is engaged.

A typical Basic BNWAS system from SEAB Marine could consist of following components:

  • 1 x DMA-105 control unit (touch panel, PLC, communication cable, redundancy module and buzzer)
  • 2-4 DMA-107 alarm units

A typical Standard BNWAS system from SEAB Marine could consist of following components:

  • 1 x DMA-105 control unit(touch panel, PLC, communication cable, redundancy module and buzzer)
  • 4-6 DMA-107 alarm units
  • 2 x DMA-106 reset units

SEAB Marine

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