Double D Marine Equipment provides sales, service, maintenance contracts and spare parts for hydraulic marine cranes and equipment.

Double D earns the business of its customers by providing quality and expert assistance in service and repairs, and the design of marine cranes and new equipment. We supply the following:

  • Hydraulic marine cranes
  • Hydraulic dredge support cranes
  • Hydraulic offshore cranes
  • Hydraulic cement unloading manipulators
  • Radio remote-control systems
  • Hydraulic hoisting and pulling winches
  • Hydraulic power packs
  • Hydraulic components

Hydraulic marine cranes

Double D services hydraulic marine cranes. Our technical representatives are available to provide assistance almost anywhere in the world and many spares can be delivered from stock. We offer maintenance contracts and emergency repairs in addition to new marine cranes and equipment. Our line of hydraulic marine cranes is designed specifically to operate in the harshest marine conditions.

Radio remote-controls for marine cranes

Double D cranes can be optionally controlled by a radio remote control system, which consists of the following components:

Dredge support cranes from Double D are designed especially for the dredging industry and can be used in harsh conditions.
Double D’s stiff boom cranes are a cost-effective alternative to knuckle booms or telescopic booms, suitable for use in large deck space applications.
Double D provides a range of hydraulic cranes, equipment and accessories.
Double D offers telescopic boom cranes, which reduce the ‘pendulum effect’ and are suitable for use in limited deck space situations.
Knuckle boom cranes from Double D reduce the 'pendulum effect' of the load and are suitable for use in applications lacking in deck space.
  • Danfoss load independent proportional control valve block, with electric activating modules built at the crane column for the following movements: slewing, topping, knuckling, extension and winch (if applicable)
  • Selector switch to select manual control in case of radio remote control failure
  • Remote control box (transmitter) complete with joysticks, operators belt and emergency stop button
  • Radio-receiver built at the crane column
  • Radio installation with a back-up cable; complete system is in accordance with the European normative

Power packs for marine cranes

Double D will deliver an electric/hydraulic power pack for inboard installations. The power pack includes a tank-top return filter as well as a pressure indicator, a level gauge, a de-aerating device, a filling cap, a low-level switch (not wired) and a high-temperature switch (not wired).

Hydraulic winch load-limiting device for marine cranes

Double D offers an optional hydraulic winch load-limiting device (LLD), which can be installed between the marine crane arm and winch plate to protect the winch against overloading. This situation can occur when the operator tries to hoist a heavier load with the cylinders than the permitted line pull of the winch.

The winch overload signal will be measured by means of a stainless-steel adjustable pressure switch fitted on the LLD. This hydraulic safety device construction is completely made out of stainless steel 316.

Hydraulic hoisting winches for marine cranes

Double D’s marine cranes can be installed with an optional hydraulic hoisting winch installation, suitable for single or double line use, complete with a hoisting rope, a swivelling top sheave and a swivel hook with counterweight. The winch consists of a drum with planetary gearing, internal automatic multi-disc spring applied/hydraulic released safety brake.

Marine crane delivery

Double D’s marine cranes can be delivered with a variety of accessories and built standard or according to customer requirements.


Manipulators are specially designed for unloading cement, fly-ash, alumina and limestone. Our manipulators are used, among others, by Van Aalst Bulk Handling. This company is specialised in pneumatic equipment for the loading, unloading, conveying and storing of powdered, dusty, abrasive materials.

Stiff boom cranes

Stiff boom cranes are most suitable when the amount of space on deck is ample. These cranes offer a cost-effective alternative to knuckle booms or telescopic booms. A hoisting winch is always a necessity when using stiff boom cranes.

Knuckle boom cranes

Knuckle boom cranes are designed to reduce the ‘pendulum effect’ of the load. They are highly popular as in the folded position they make use of the smallest amount of deckspace as possible.

Telescopic boom cranes

Telescopic boom cranes are ideal for situations in which the amount of space on deck is limited. The ‘pendulum effect’ is reduced, as opposed to stiff boom cranes.

Dredge support cranes

Dredge support cranes are specially designed for the dredging industry, as opposed to standard marine cranes. Dredge support cranes are used in harsh conditions, for example, working pontoons, in order to handle devices such as anchors, floating pipelines and cutterheads.

3D marine crane technology

Double D strives to stay on the leading edge of marine crane technology. We have implemented a 3D design in order to provide our customers with as much information as possible. In this way we are able to communicate better and faster with our customers and enhance their understanding of the operation and functionality of our marine cranes and equipment.