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Embarkation Davits

Navim Group is an international leader in the design, construction, and supply of marine equipment for cruise vessels, merchant ships, the navy, offshore industry, and mega yachts.

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Navim Group is an international leader in the design, construction, and supply of marine equipment for cruise vessels, merchant ships, the navy, the offshore industry, and mega yachts.

The group has delivered approximately 35,000 systems across the world to more than 350 cruise vessels, 250 roll-on/roll-off (RORO) vessels and ferries, 30 offshore units, 80 military ships, 300 cargo vessels, and 70 mega yachts, as well as numerous other special projects. Navim has branches in several countries worldwide and, for over 50 years, has been working with leading shipyards and the best ship owners.

Davits, sliding covers, access equipment, and remote-control valves for the maritime industry

Some of Navim’s core products include various types of davits, glass sliding covers, cargo access equipment, and remote-control valve systems.


Embarkation davits

Navim provides fixed outboard launching systems (FOLS), semi-gravity, multi pivot, roller track, rescue boat, life-raft, free-fall, and NOD davits. The company is also the only worldwide producer of telescopic davits. The telescopic davits use a reserve of energy and consist of two arms welded onto the ceiling of the upper deck, leaving the promenade deck completely free. This solution is particularly useful when the deck is being used as a passenger walking area, or during emergency embarkation.

Skydome sliding covers

SkyDome sliding glass covers allow the whole ship to be enjoyed all year round. The covers are composed of sliding panels, made using glass sheets mounted to the underside of welded plating alloy structures. The panels are controlled using gear-motors to move them forwards and backwards.

Cargo access equipment

Navim’s cargo access equipment for RORO and roll-on/roll-off passenger (RO-PAX) vessels and ferries includes bow visor, stern, and side door ramps, as well as quarter ramps, shell doors, internal doors, covers, car decks, elevators, and hoistable and tiltable ramps. The company’s solutions for cargo access feature a range of products that are specifically tailored to each customer. From the flexibility of the cargo spaces to the handling of each type of vehicle, Navim’s solutions can be customised to create efficient and cost-effective systems suitable for a variety of situations.

Valve remote control systems (Standard WINners- SmartWIN)

Valve remote control (VRC) is a sensible system to have onboard any type of ship for the safety of passengers and crew. These systems ensure the reliable operation of ballast valves and cross flooding valves, as well as fuel transfers and sea chest emergency closing. Navim has installed over 100,000 controlled valves and used its extensive experience to create the RAM – TORK – TORKLT linear and rotating hydraulic actuators, and the Standard and Winners control systems. The Navalimpianti WINners valve remote control system uses electro-hydraulic actuators. On each valve, a relevant hydraulic actuator is installed, which is directly connected to a micro electro-hydraulic unit.

Motorised valves should respond promptly to any given command and continue to provide the required level of accuracy throughout the lifecycle of the ship. When ordered to intercept or regulate the flow in a pipe, the valve must change its position and the component that translates the command into action is called the actuator. Actuators must perform with absolute precision and provide real-time, local, or remote diagnostic feedback to the relevant control systems.

In 2022, Navim launched the most recent evolution of its VRC product line, named SmartWIN. This valve remote control system offers maximum operational performance and is designed to operate continuously, while also providing critical safety and operational performance, even in the harshest environmental conditions.

Access and handling systems for passenger vessels, the navy, and special maritime applications

Navim also offers side door and tender embarkation platforms, as well as baggage loading platforms, quay ramps, and monorail cranes for different vessels.

Architectural lighting and local entertainment systems for cruise ships

In 2007, the group expanded its core business to include lighting and electrical systems. Since then, it has been able to offer a full range of advanced products that are especially suited to the cruise and yacht industry. These new products include dimming systems, lighting effects, and onboard local entertainment systems for ships.

Funnel handling systems

Navim’s expert designers used their extensive knowledge to create the revolutionary funnel handling system to meet all logistical and technical requirements. This hydraulic solution enables cruise ship funnels to be lowered when passing under bridges.

Gas detection systems

Navim’s gas detection system consists of a series of gas sensors positioned in critical points around the ship, such as near the gas loading and unloading pipes. The gas sensors are connected to one or more panels containing the electronics, control logic, alarm management, and appropriate interfaces. The central control system constantly monitors gas levels and alerts the crew if safety limits are exceeded.

Navim Group also provides customers with repair and retrofit services, which are highly sought after and appreciated. Highly qualified personnel can provide technical assistance at any time, in any port, or even at sea, in certain circumstances.

About Navim Group

Navalimpianti Group was established in 1971, with headquarters in Ceranesi, near Genova, and includes two main branch offices: one in Genova harbour and the other in Monfalcone (near Trieste). The group also has various controlled companies, including Tecnimpianti, established in 1973 in Termini Imerese (near Palermo), which specialises in the production of tender, lifeboat, rescue, and raft davits. Other controlled companies include Tecnimpianti Livorno, dedicated to designing and producing systems for mega-yachts; Navalimpianti USA, launched in 1994 in Miami and focused on after-sales service; Navalimpianti Pula, which started in 1996 in Croatia as an engineering studio for structural 3D design works; Navalimpianti China, a branch office opened in 2004 in Shangai to provide commercial, technical, and service support to ship owners operating in the Far East and local shipyards, and Tecnimpianti Antwerp, instituted in 2007 in Belgium, focusing on after-sales services.

In recent years, the company has expanded its international holdings and established Navalimpianti Singapore Pte. Ltd in 2010 to guarantee a permanent and efficient local presence in the area, as well as Navalimpianti Hong Kong to support the Chinese branch. In 2020, Navim Sweden opened to monitor the market and monitor the company’s work in northern Europe. Other active parts of the group include Go – Tec, Esiwelma, and Improget Engineering.

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