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Loaders, Rotators and Platforms for Shipping Containers

Tynecat develops safe and cost-efficient container loaders, rotators and platforms for the freight and shipping industries.

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8m loader

Tynecat develops effective container loaders, rotators and platforms for the freight and shipping industries.

The original Tynecat loader was developed at the request of industry experts, who worked alongside engineers from Olitek, Tynecat’s parent company to develop a safe and cost-efficient container loading system.

Hydraulic lifting systems to optimise forklift loads

Tynecat prides itself on its dependable and economical solitions used in the loading and unloading of shipping containers. The Tynecat Loader attaches easily to standard forklift vehicles, but features its own on-board hydraulic lifting system to maximise the amount of volume lifted per load.

The Tynecat loader is used to load and unload shipping containers, reducing the high costs associated with loading times, as well as damage that can occur during loading or unloading.
The Tynecat Rotator Stacker is used with the Tynecat Container Loader, enabling easy bulk loading.
Requiring minimal setup, the Tynecat platform is a complete container loading solution.
The Tynecat Rotator reduces damage to cargo due to reduced handling and automated loading.
With the Tynecat loading system, even cargo originally too expensive or impossible to ship in containerised form can be transported.

The nature of Tynecat loading systems mean that only a single operator is required for the entire loading process, minimising both personnel costs, and the potential for injury as a result of fewer persons required in the loading area. Loading can be completed in as little as ten minutes, lowering the substantial costs sometimes associated with load times.

The Tynecat Loader comes in 8m, 12m and 15m varieties, all allowing for loads 2.4m wide and up to 30t in weight.

Rotators for maximising space when loading shipping containers

Tynecat manufactures two different rotator varieties, namely the Tynecat Rotator and the Rotator Stacker.

The Tynecat Rotator is designed to maximise space when loading products into a shipping container. Products can be rotated from horizontal to vertical positions ready to be placed on a loading platform. The reverse can also be carried out, which is useful for unloading.

The Tynecat Rotator Stacker is usually used in conjunction with container loading systems, and is also operated by a standard forklift vehicle.

Loading platforms for freight

It is essential when operating loading equipment to ensure that all products are at the same height as the container floor. Tynecat platforms provide an off-the-shelf solution to this problem.

Platforms come with a hinged flap to allow forklifts and other loading equipment easy access to the platform, meaning products can easily be transferred from the loading platform to the container floor.

Clear load areas are designated on the platform to help ensure correct loading. The platform also elevates any loading equipment up to the container in use. The whole system requires minimal setup, and helps ensure easy, efficient operation.

About Tynecat

Olitek is an Australian-owned engineering company, which operates throughout the whole of Australasia. The original Tynecat system was developed at the request of industry professionals to solve the problem of expensive shipping costs and inefficient load times.

Tynecat is an environmentally conscious company, and does everything it can to minimise its carbon footprint, including ensuring that products have the longest possible lifecycle.

White Papers

  • Eliminating Damage – How a Plasterboard Supplier Reduced Damage and Saved its Business

    Tynecat played a major part in helping a local Queensland company restore their reputation from being known as a 'second-hand plasterboard supplier"' to regain their position as one of the leading plasterboard suppliers in Australia. In the process, the Tynecat container loading system helped them save $650,000 per annum on freight costs and reduce damage from 16% to less than 1%.

Press Releases


  • Port of Tema Expansion, Tema

    The port of Tema, located in Tema, Ghana, is undergoing major expansion works in order to triple its handling capacity.

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