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Adder Technology

High-Performance KVM Solutions for Maritime Control Operations

Saxon Way Bar Hill,
CB23 8SL,
United Kingdom

Saxon Way Bar Hill,
CB23 8SL,
United Kingdom

Adder Technology has been manufacturing high-performance IP keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) solutions designed to bring ergonomic benefits and flexibility to maritime control operations for more than 35 years.

Adder’s solutions allow critical computing resources to be stored within secure, climate-controlled server rooms whilst giving the control room operator real-time access to the data they require to make critical decisions.

Adder’s range of extend, switch, remote and matrix solutions can support technical operators both on land and at sea. From ship control rooms to harbour management, Adder’s innovations improve efficiency and collaboration, situational awareness and security.

Security in ship control rooms

Technology has become imperative to the smooth running of modern vessels, however unpredictable weather conditions, poor operating environments and security threats from unauthorised personnel, particularly when travelling in dangerous waters, have all increased the need for critical computing hardware to be stored in a secure control room.

By using high-performance IP KVM solutions, the operator sat in the bridge can access and control the required source PC’s in real-time, simultaneously, using only one keyboard, monitor and mouse.

Data collaboration and visualisation

The operation of maritime vessels is becoming increasingly reliant on multiple technologies. From state-of-the-art navigation systems to winch controllers, sonars and sensors that monitor the ships processes, systems must be monitored 24/7 to ensure smooth operation. These technologies generate streams of data, all of which must be instantaneously available to crew members across the ship as and when they require them.

With the adoption of KVM solutions, team members can simultaneously access computers, allowing them to collaborate, analyse and act on information in real-time. By utilising KVM extenders, this information can then be shared with other crew members via their individual workstation or video wall when an overall commanding view is required.

Improving situational awareness in ship control rooms

As the volume of computing infrastructure on ships is increasing, the bridge control centre is becoming more cluttered with equipment. Monitoring and analysing critical data, often in high-pressure situations, requires high levels of situational awareness to ensure efficiency and speed up reaction times.

By adopting a KVM solution, IT teams can relocate large, heat-generating computers into a secure, purpose-built server room. From anywhere on the vessel, crew can simultaneously access these computers using KVM technology, one keyboard, monitor and mouse. KVM switches allow operators to instantaneously switch between different sources without latency or degradation of image quality.

Matrix High Performance IP KVM

Used in many different applications, keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) matrix solutions enhance productivity, improve desktop ergonomics and reinforce security while providing cost savings.

KVM Continuity: Keeping the Lights On

With increasing disruption caused by the Covid-19 virus around the world, there is increasing discussion about ways to keep people safe and protected.

Adder Begins 2020 with Multi-Million Dollar International Expansion

Adder Technology has announced the results of a multi-million dollar international investment strategy, including a substantial expansion and refurbishment of its global headquarters in Cambridge, UK, as well as new offices in the US and Europe and round-the-clock professional services.

Adder Technology Ltd

Saxon Way Bar Hill


CB23 8SL

United Kingdom