ISVR Consulting is the consultancy unit of the internationally renowned Institute of Sound and Vibration Research at the University of Southampton, UK. It provides professional consultancy services and applied research studies for acoustics and dynamics.

It was founded in 1968 and comprises a team of full-time, professional consulting engineers and scientists, with supporting technical and administrative staff. It undertakes independent and confidential commercial consultancy work and contract research in all aspects of noise and vibration assessment and control.

As well as the power industry, our knowledge and expertise is used across a wide range of engineering industries and companies of all sizes, including automotive, marine, aerospace, processing, manufacturing and construction, as well as planning authorities and government agencies.

Measurement and diagnosis of noise and vibration

ISVR Consulting has the equipment, experience and expertise to carry out a wide range of onsite noise and vibration investigations. These can be to meet international standards, such as sound power measurements using sound intensity mapping to BS ISO 9614, but we often carry out bespoke studies.

Gas turbine power plants experience excessive noise and vibration in particular operating conditions.
Wind tunnel test on a louvre for flow induced vibration and noise.
We carry out tests on equipment, such as diggers, in our product development lab.
A Finite Element Model of a science building to predict vibration transmission between floors.
We carry out aerodynamic noise tests on motorcyclists in our wind tunnel to measure noise levels and effectiveness of audio communications.

Our well-equipped laboratory test facilities, including anechoic and reverberant rooms, allow for more detailed investigations and product development work.

Measurements can be carried out to many UK, International, European, military and industry standards for:

  • Sound power determination in reverberation or anechoic rooms
  • Rating and sound insulation of building elements
  • Sound absorption evaluations
  • Acoustic fatigue

We also have access to a range of specialist facilities on campus, including wind tunnels that we use for assessing problems of flow-induced vibration and aerodynamic noise.

Design and product development for low noise and vibration solutions

We are specialists in the design of all types of machinery and plants for low noise and vibration. We can perform vibration and noise predictions using Finite Element Analysis and Statistical Energy Analysis and have access to specialist software for the modelling of flow, groundborne vibration and the performance of reactive and passive silencers.

In addition, we carry out ad-hoc experimental investigations into a diverse range of commercial products to resolve specific noise and vibration problems, and as part of our clients’ long term product development programmes. We are currently working on a number of projects using advanced methods such as active control and tuned dynamic absorbers.

Planning and environmental noise assessment

ISVR Consulting offers a full consultancy service in environmental noise and vibration. This extends from noise monitoring and predictions using the latest standard hardware and software, through to representation in court as expert witnesses. The unit has extensive experience of the modelling and assessment of noise for the full range of transportation, industrial and general environmental projects.

Human effects: noise and hearing, communications, and hand-arm vibration

High levels of noise can lead to permanent hearing loss, while vibrating tools and machinery can cause debilitating injuries to the fingers, hands and arms. High noise levels also hinder communication and reduce the audibility of warning sounds.

ISVR Consulting has the knowledge and experience to assess the health and safety issues of noise and vibration exposure, determine compliance with regulations, advise clients on reducing exposure, and act as expert witnesses in personal injury claims.