ISVR Consulting: Consultants in Noise and Vibration - Ship Technology
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ISVR Consulting: Consultants in Noise and Vibration

ISVR Consulting provides professional consultancy and applied research studies across the fields of acoustics and dynamics. We are the 'Enterprise Unit' linked to the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, within the faculty of engineering and environment at the University of Southampton.

ISVR Consulting is a team of full-time professional engineers, with supporting technical and administrative staff, who handle most projects in-house. We can also call on the specialist expertise of academic and research staff from the ISVR and other university departments.

Our clients include a wide range of industries from around the world, public bodies and government agencies in the UK and Europe, and sometimes private individuals. We strive to take a customer-focussed view on the appropriate depth of each study, which may range from a few hours to months or years of work.

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