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Maritime Agency, Towage, Chartering, Repair and Supply Services

Globe Bulk Services (GBS) is a leading provider of maritime services to the South-East Asia market, specialising in agency, towage, chartering, marine works and supply services.




Globe Bulk Services (GBS) is a leading provider of maritime services to the South East Asia market, specialising in agency, towage, chartering, marine works and supply services.

Protective agency, traditional ship agency and port agency services

GBS’s maritime agency services include traditional ship agency offerings, which can be customised, depending on the range of requirements, and protective agency services to ensure the highest degree of professionalism and peace of mind for owners and operators.

The company’s maritime services also include port agency services to intermediates on behalf of GBS’s clients and relevant authorities throughout the phases of the port call.

Agent from GBS coordinates crew change on-board merchant vessel.
GBS-deployed tugs wait to begin towage of Norwegian-registered bulk carrier to shipyard destination.
GBS personnel begin work on-board a vessel.
Project cargo being loaded onto a vessel.

Chartering and shipbroking financial services

GBS provides chartering and shipbroking financial services across a wealth of industries worldwide.

In-house GBS brokering teams in Asia and Europe are experienced in completing and assisting with financial maritime services, including disponent owners and time charter to carry commodities and equipment.

In addition, the team is experienced in voyage chartering for carrying equipment for the marine, oil and gas, construction and mining industries, as well as advisory and consultation services.

Towage and advisory services for new-builds and re-commissioned vessels

GBS integrates all aspects of the towage process under a synchronised management programme.

The company provides specialised towing and marine advisory services for new-builds and re-commissioned vessels, as well as specialised vessels, such as very large crude carriers (VLCC) and bulk carriers.

GBS’ specialised towage and advisory services include:

  • Arrangement of specialised towage
  • Provision of towage management and advisory services
  • Tow masters and tow crew
  • Tow coordinators (including tow manuals)
  • Marine communicators
  • Sea-trial masters
  • Marine risk assessments, such as hazard identification (HAZID) and hazard and operability studies (HAZOP)

Freshwater, bunker, debunker and ship spares procurement services

To coincide with the demand of marine ancillary services in the market, GBS has built a diverse catalogue of supplementary services.

GBS offers freshwater in-port limit (IPL) and out-port limit (OPL) systems, as well as bunker and debunker operation supplies.

The company also provides ship spares procurement services.

Marine engineering services for repairs, modifications and fabrications

GBS offers a range of marine engineering services, including emergency and afloat repairs, standard repairs, vessel overhauls, rewinding and modifications and fabrications.

The company provides high-quality instrumentation and automation works, as well as electrical design and installation services.

Mechanical, steel, pipe, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical works engineering services are also offered by GBS, along with troubleshooting, diagnosis, servicing, technical advisory and consultancy services.

Cargo hold cleaning and slop and sludge disposal

GBS offers a variety of maritime and vessel cleaning and disposal operations, including cargo hold and tank cleaning, such as grain cleaning and normal cleaning, as well as slop and sludge disposal services.

Integrated maritime logistics, transportation and warehousing

As a leading provider of a range of marine services, GBS offers integrated maritime logistics, including transportation of items across Asia, a berthing yard and storage and warehousing availability, as well as launch boat services and lighterage services for cargo delivery to vessels, both for IPL and OPL.

About GBS

GBS was established to address the complex needs of the maritime industry in the Asia region and now has a strong portfolio of clients, including:

  • Samwoh Group of Companies
  • Sembawang Shipyard
  • SES Marine
  • Keppel Singmarine
  • Keppel Shipyard
  • JSML Marine
  • Austen Marine Services
  • Yang Kee Logistics
  • Premier Regional Power SDN BHD
  • Mammoet Salvage
  • Reederei NSB
  • SUN HWA Decal
  • Hanjin Shipping
  • Mencast
  • Lundin
  • E-Ships
  • V. Ships
  • Harbour Link
  • Penta

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