Globe Bulk Services has opened a new hub office in Istanbul, Turkey, as part of a joint venture with Karas Shipping and Trading.

This will be the first phase of many planned regional offices in Europe. The joint venture, GBS – KARAS private limited will carry the GBS core business format with heightened emphasis on chartering and ship broking.

As Turkey has significantly pivoted between Asia and Europe, GBS is excited to transcend across the European continent with the new office in Istanbul, Turkey serving as the perfect stepping stone in this expansionary effort.

GBS-KARAS is spearheaded by captain A Serdar Argic, who holds over 23 years of chartering and shipbroking experience and is a prominent shipping figure throughout the Mediterranean.

Drawing on an expansive network of vessel owners across the Mediterranean and Black Sea including; Turkey, Greece, Albania and beyond, GBS is poised to provide more flexible maritime solutions.

The opening of the Istanbul office coincides with the relocation of the Singapore office to bigger premises earlier in year. The move was undertaken by the management as the current location was insufficient to cope with the expansion of the company.

The new premises is in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District while also being easily connected to all major ports and ship yards with quick road access.