Rob Everall, Managing Director of Ltd, has just chalked up his eighth year at the helm of the marine recruitment business, based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Initially an employee when he first moved to NZ from the UK, Rob subsequently acquired the company, and his early success has continued, despite the hammering of the global financial crisis.

Marinejobs is singular in that it is the only resource solutions business in NZ to focus exclusively on the marine sector. Many other agencies operate at the periphery, where common disciplines overlap, such as with engineering, but no one else operates solely within the sector.

This means that Rob has built up a broad expertise across many facets of marine enterprise, founded upon solid old-fashioned business principles. He also boasts a loyal customer base which has come to trust his judgement and to value both the time that he can save them when searching for talent, as well as the value that these people add to the business once they are onboard.

Now a Kiwi citizen, Rob takes huge pride in the capability that a small country like New Zealand has honed, with technological innovation and excellence renowned the world over.

About 70% of his placements are made in NZ itself, with the remainder in many different parts of the world, as far apart as Bermuda to Myanmar, and many points in between.

Whether you are a candidate in search of new career opportunities, or an enterprise in search of a recruiter with a different mind-set to most, who will put you and your requirements first, then give Rob a call.