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Friction and Leak-Reducing Additives for Oil

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ABCON produces and sells high-performance additives for blending into mineral lubricating oils. These additives decrease internal friction and thereby reduce wear, energy consumption and environmental pollution.

ABCON’s main products – ABCON MARINE-HYDRAULIC+, ABCON MARINE-TRANSMISSION+ and ABCON MARINE-DIESEL ENGINE+ – all reduce internal friction, leading to less wear and energy consumption. This extends components’ lifetime.

Stern-tube and thruster oil-leakage reduction pastes

ABCON is renowned for its widely used stern-tube stop leakage product ABCON MARINE-STERN TUBE PASTE SL which has demonstrated its capability on numerous ships. ABCON MARINE STERN-TUBE PASTE SL and ABCON MARINE-THRUSTER SL pastes reduce or eliminate oil leakages of existing systems. This can keep the ship going until the next dry-docking that is scheduled.

Stern–tube and thruster wear reduction products

ABCON MARINE-STERN TUBE PASTE+ and ABCON MARINE-THRUSTER+ protect against seal-leakage. They also reduce wear and tear, due to their high teflon-content. It is recommended to use them when dry-docking. They can also be used as a preventive measure to reduce the risk of future leakages.

ABCON is renowned for its widely used stern-tube leakage-stopping products.<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>
The 1l unit for the ABCON MARINE-TRANSMISSION+ product.<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>
ABCON MARINE MULTI-LUBRICATING PASTE is used where extreme pressure capability, less wear and friction, corrosion protection and saltwater resistance is required.<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>

Marine multi-lubricating paste for extreme pressure, temperature and seawater conditions

ABCON MARINE MULTI-LUBRICATING PASTE is used when extreme pressure capability, reduced wear and friction, corrosion protection or saltwater resistance is required.

Many ships already use this product. Applications in the engine room are:

  • Hot bolts on turbo charger and exhaust system, to ensure these bolts will not get stuck
  • Any assembly of engine or equipment where a later disassembly is foreseen
  • Any oil seal and gasket

Applications on the deck are for valve spindles, open gears, hatch bolts and bolts exposed to seawater, and for winches.

Friction and leakage-reducing additives for hydraulic oils

When added to conventional hydraulic oils ABCON MARINE-HYDRAULIC+ reduces the internal friction in the moving parts, leading to lower wear and temperature. This provides lower energy consumption.

Also available is ABCON MARINE-HYDRAULIC SL (stop leak), which reduces or eliminates leakage from seals.

Noise-reduction product for hydraulic pumps

ABCON MARINE-HYDRAULIC SN (stop noise) reduces the high-frequency noise produced by the hydraulic pump.

Friction-reducing gearbox additives

ABCON MARINE-TRANSMISSION+ contains teflon to reduce friction in gearboxes and similar transmission systems. This reduces wear-and-tear, and minimises the noise level.

ABCON MARINE-TRANSMISSION SL is recommended for use in transmission systems where seals are leaking.

Additive for treating medium and high-speed diesel engines

ABCON MARINE DIESEL-ENGINE+ is an additive designed for treatment of medium and high-speed diesel engines. When added to conventional lubricating oils ABCON MARINE DIESEL-ENGINE+ ensures minimum wear and scuffing. It offers the highest degree of protection.


ABCON MARINE products are rapidly distributed worldwide from its own facilities in Copenhagen, near the international airport.

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  • Stern Tube Stop Leak

    ABCON Marine-Stern Tube Stop Leak (SL) forms a teflon barrier to prevent leaks in stern tubes. 

  • Thruster Stop Leak

    The teflon-based ABCON Marine-Thruster Stop Leak (SL) additive stops or reduces leakages in thrusters by adding 2%-4% of volume to oil in the system.

  • Thruster Water Ingress

    ABCON Marine-Thruster Stop Leak (SL) stops water ingress and minimises the negative effects of water on the system by adding 2% to 4% of volume to the oil.

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