Stern Tube+ and Thruster+ are products designed for protective maintenance, and both protect against wear on bearings and seals.

Sterb Tube+ is a teflon-based paste, which produces a teflon layer on the surface of rubber seal rings and metal surfaces. It reduces the risk of leakage and protects against corrosion. Oil analysis from vessels has shown that ABCON+ additives reduce the wear metals by 50% or more.

THRUSTER+ is a hydraulic oil and teflon-based paste that produces a layer on all surfaces and reduces risk of leakages. When ABCON Marine-Thruster+ is added into the existing oil in thrusters, it has successfully demonstrated a significant reduction in wear, doubling overhaul intervals.

Optimal blending

Stern Tube+ and Thruster+ blend perfectly with the stern tube oil. The blend produces an excellent lubrication, which due to its teflon content, maintains its’ lubrication effect on the rubber surface as well as on the metal surfaces even at stand still.

In case of longer stand still periods, the teflon in Thruster+ protects the seals / shafts from running warm at start-up, reducing the risk of damage.

In case there is saltwater in the lubrication oil Stern Tube+ and Thruster+ provide a substantial safety margin as teflon maintains its lubrication properties even in saltwater.

Stern Tube+ and Thruster+ can be blended with all kinds of mineral and synthetic lubrication oil and can be used together with all types of stern tube seal material.

Use on vessels has proven that when Thruster+ is used preventively, it reduces the wear and risk of water leakage.

Biobased version

ABCON offers the biobased Stern Tube B+ and Thruster B+ version. They comply with the 2013 EPA VGP requirements as environmentally acceptable.


Add 1%-2% Stern Tube+ of volume to existing system oil. Thruster+ blends with hydraulic and gear oil.

The products are easy to handle and can be added by own staff.


When dry-docking, it is advisable to use Seal Protect+ as startup lubrication on all rubber seal rings. Past experience has shown us that when Seal Protect+ is used preventively it reduces the risk of leakage.