Axces vertical free-standing silencers economise space, cost, and value for money, and are available from the company’s one-stop shop for ship silencer solutions.

As a freestanding silencer without a connection to a building, there is no need for a steel structure or guy wires.

We design vertical silencers as part of the chimney construction.

Whether you have a gas or diesel engine, a boiler, or other equipment, the silencer will limit the exhaust noise and the chimney will make sure emissions level is as per permit.

The static-dynamic design calculation according to regulations such as Eurocode will integrate the silencer as a chimney model.

Full penetrant welding, extra reinforcement and other chimney mandatory issues are included in the design.

The silencer will be delivered with CE marking according to EN 13084-7 as part of the QA system.

CEMS can be included by a CEMS platform, location CEMS 5 xD from the inlet. The CEMS platform is designed with CE marking according to EN 1090-2.

We determine the backpressure and the sound attenuation for complicated silencers with our software and Computer Fluid Design modelling.

For optimal sound attenuation, a core silencer or cylindrical coulisse silencer can be part of the design.

When you think this idea can be useful in your design we would be happy to make a design.