If you have a ship that doesn’t carry much ballast water, a small footprint is essential to fit in the engine room. DESMI Ocean Guard now presents a line of new and smaller ballast water management systems (BWMS) that completes a full range of BWMS with maximum flowrates, starting from just 35 m³/h to 2500 m³/hr, with just a single UV unit.

“The demand has been huge – and we are now happy to say, that we have sizes that fits any ship, large or small” says DESMI Ocean Guard CEO Rasmus Folsø.

Since 2010, DESMI Ocean Guard has been manufacturing ballast water management systems for ships around the world in close cooperation with shipowners and shipyards. DESMI has provided the market with systems that treats any water in accordance with IMO and US Coast Guard (USCG) requirements.

“We have supplied thousands of systems for ships worldwide, but the demand from vessels carrying very little ballast water on board, like mega yachts, OSV’s, tugs, fishing vessels and navy ships, has grown, and even though they have to comply with all regulations, an over-sized and over-dimensioned system was not their preferred solution”, says Rasmus.

“With the smaller systems we are launching, these vessels can install BWMS optimised for their needs and that comply with all regulations, even though the required max flowrate is as little as 35 m³/hr. The advantages of having systems optimised to the required flowrates are numerous, and include a smaller footprint, easier installation, lower power consumption, less spare parts consumption, and reduced CAPEX.”

For navy ships especially, the small flowrate BWMS are in high demand. DESMI Ocean Guard already supplies BWMS to many navy ships in Nato countries, and both of the Danish frigates Niels Juel and Peter Willemoes have the CompactClean BWMS installed. With the new smaller systems, it is expected that more navies will be added.

DESMI Ocean Guard now deliver ballast water management systems ranging from 35m³/h to 2,500 m³/h with a single UV unit. Combining more UV units can boost the maximum flowrate to as much as 5,000 m³/h. All systems, no matter  what size, can be delivered with IMO and USCG type approval.

“We are happy to say that we have BWMS for any vessel size, and BWMS that actually fits any need for ballast water treatment”, concludes Rasmus Folsø.