The general assembly approved today, 25 March, our yearend result for 2021, showing a revenue of DKK1,275bn and a profit before tax of DKK122,8m, which is considered satisfactory under the given market conditions.

“2021 was yet another year to remember. Headlines for DESMI in 2021 were influenced by Covid-19, travel restrictions, transport delays, price increases on raw material, and many key components also affected by prolonged delivery times. These challenges have, however, been a part of the market conditions, not only for DESMI, but for most international operating production companies, but in DESMI, the situation and the challenges were well managed, and DESMI has in many ways improved its position throughout the year”, says Group CEO Henrik Sørensen. He continues:

“Even if the numbers are not totally up to the result of 2020, Henrik Sørensen appreciates all the efforts done in the very dedicated and engaged DESMI organisation”, and he continues:

“We have a clear strategy and see our investments and efforts are bearing fruit. Our organisation is coping well with the challenging supply chain situation, and our order book was historically high entering 2022, and is still growing. Our focus on sustainable solutions is really taking its steps into the market. Key values like ‘energy efficiency’ and ‘sustainability’ are high on the agenda, and our focus on energy savings means savings on cost, fuel, giving CO₂ reductions, etc., which are all extremely important to most customers and, hence, DESMI. All being important elements in the growth and development of our business”.

Further, Henrik Sørensen is very happy to state “We have a very solid platform for further growth within flow technology, and we are in more ways foreseeing a substantial growth in 2022. Customers are once again welcoming face-to-face meetings and interactions, which are important when optimisation of solutions has to be discussed. Our service organisation is again able, on a higher scale, to install, commission, and service our solutions without weeks of corona quarantine, and requests for pump solutions are increasing daily. It is encouraging also to state that ballast water management systems, scrubbers, and aquaculture activities, now are seen as an integrated part of our core business”.

2021 was also the year when DESMI Italy was established, thus, DESMI has offices in 19 countries, and more country flags in the DESMI worldwide map are planned. “We find being present locally and closer to our customers enables us to guide, support, and ensure that the right solution is chosen”, Henrik Sørensen concludes.