Green’s highly anticipated new high-performance boiler tube bending machine has been delivered to the company’s Wakefield factory in the UK.

Green’s investment in a CNC multi-axis, mandrel and boost bending machine enables production of tube heat exchangers ranging from 20mmØ to 114mmØ. Our capability to produce bends with less than 1D centres, whilst increasing efficiency through enhanced automation, demonstrates further our commitment to invest in production to improve productivity and support customer requirements.

The challenge with manufacturing tube heat exchangers is being able to manufacture tube coils with a close tube pitch. The tube pitch on a Green’s economiser is very dependent on how tight the bend radius can be manufactured, typically 1 x diameter. A skilled coded welder is then required to weld each tube bend to each tube length, which requires weeks in production when an economiser typically has over 800 tubes. Also, the tube diameter on a Green’s economiser can range from 20mm-80mm and be manufactured in carbon steel or stainless steel, depending on the output of the unit and the environment in which it will be operating.

This new tube manipulation technology means that Green’s can significantly improve the design of heat exchanger units, increase the efficiency of producing economisers and improve the quality by having fewer welded joints.