Greens Power

Until quite recently waste heat recovery from auxiliary engines has not been considered. For new builds, Greens has successfully launched the Spanner HBR composite boiler. With this design, in addition to waste heat recovery from the main engine, waste heat recovery from auxiliary engines is now being incorporated in order to reduce or eliminate the firing of the oil-fired auxiliary boiler whilst the vessel is in port, manoeuvring and in certain operating regimes at sea.

For existing sea going vessels Greens Power can retrofit an engineered compact Spanner exhaust gas economiser (EGE) suitable for use with typically one to three auxiliary engines.

  • Fuels savings can be worth more than $200,000 per year giving a payback period of less than a year
  • Maintains steam production reducing or eliminating the firing of the auxiliary fired boilers
  • Easy to maintain, also less costly to run in comparison with auxiliary fired boilers