A recent survey of marine purchasers by Green’s, the specialists in economisers and waste heat recovery systems, found that delivery reliability, price and good supplier relationships are the most important issues that influence maritime purchasers’ buying decisions.

Over 62% of respondents said that timeliness of supply was vital with just over half noting that price was the most vital factor in etermining who to buy from. But it’s not all about the quantifiable elements of supply chain decisions. More than 90% of people who completed the Green’s survey thought that good supplier relationships were important.

Previous experience of working in the marine sector was believed to be extremely relevant by nine out of ten people.
One of the least important elements was supply chain transparency with only a fifth of those asked citing this as vital in the buying decision making process.

Green’s managing director Matthew Crewe says:"It has proved very interesting to find out what is most important to purchasers when determining where to place their orders. Some of the results are quite surprising and we will certainly be looking at the results to help us focus our business in the right ways."