At Chris-Marine and IOP Marine we are looking forward to exhibiting at the Marintec China in Shanghai running from 3 to 6 December.

Be sure to stop by our booth N2K75 to see some of the latest additions to our product portfolio, including:

Portable valve spindle grinder (PVG)

Developed for on-site machining of all types of cylinder air-intake/exhaust valve spindles with a dish diameter up to 250mm.

  • Operating range 6-40mm stem diameter
  • For all four-stroke medium speed engines
  • Portable and easy to handle
  • Preset angles
  • Pneumatically driven

Wear Edge Milling machine (VKS)

Pneumatically driven portable machine designed for safe and efficient removal of wear edges in cylinder liners.

  • Applicable for liners 240-1,000mm diameter
  • Perfect wear edge removal in 15-25 minutes depending on diameter
  • Shortens piston pulling time and saves piston rings and liners
  • Easily adjustable for different wear edge positions

Portable Surface Lathe (PSL)

Developed for machining of sealing surfaces between cylinder head and cylinder liner as well between cylinder head and engine frame on small bore diesel engines.

  • Easily operated by one man
  • Operating range up to 260mm bore diameter
  • Fast, accurate and versatile
  • Designed for both inside and outside machining
  • Stepless adjustable feed and machining speed

Piston Ring Expander (UPRE)

Designed specifically to ensure safe and easy changing of piston rings due to a unique expanding principle ensuring equal stress throughout the piston ring.

  • Ensures easy changing of piston rings without any risk for geometrical distortion of the ring, leading to increased ring and liner life and reduced lube oil consumption.
  • Patented technology creating uniform bending moment throughout the piston ring allowing for safe opening.
  • Delivered adjusted and ready to use for all medium speed and slow speed engine bore sizes.

Diesel Engine Combustion (DEC) Chamber Tester.

This monitoring device provides reliable and efficient condition monitoring of the combustion chamber in four-stroke diesel and gas engines with a bore size of 160-460 mm.

Regular DEC-TESTER inspections are an important complement to existing maintenance procedures, making it possible to customize engine overhaul intervals in order to lower operational costs and avoid engine break-downs.